Reading and knitting a great pairing

For 2023 I have set a few goals for myself and I thought you might want to tag along on this journey and hopefully even participate. 

I know many of you like to read and if you are following me you also like to knit and/or crochet. Well, I have finally decided to blend the two together.  I want to share each month with you a book and a project.  

I am hoping you will join me on this by sharing what you are reading and what project you are choosing for the month.  I want to stress that I do not expect you to be reading the same book I am or doing the same project.  

I just thought it would be fun to share what we are electing to learn.  I will share mine and you share yours in the comments below.  This can give us a future list of books and projects to do.  (I do have to note that I will be screening the comments and only approving comments that are appropriate.)

I know the year has started so I will start posting about my April book and my project but I will be writing about the first 3 books I selected for the year and the completed projects I did along with them.  

My hope for this goal is to read more. I don’t have a problem working on enough projects. Ask my husband about that. LOL  I do want to slow down and find the time for reading.  I have just not done enough of that over the years.  

If you are like me, reading has not been something I looked forward to. I guess like many, schools never instilled in me the excitement of reading.  I have recently taken a course that really gave me a new view on reading and showed me how to get motivated to read more.  

That course inspired me to set this new goal and I thought what a great way to commit to such a goal would be to share it with others.  In some ways you are my accountability partner in accomplishing this 2023 goal.

If you are in, just give me a “high five” in the comments. Follow me on social media to see how the month is going. 

Of course each month I will be posting on my blog what I read and my completed project. I will share the details on both and answer any questions you have regarding the book or the project.

Now let’s get started. “The Bones at Point No Point” by DD Black is my book selection and my project is my own designed placemats for my new dining table.  

Watch for my follow up where I will share my thoughts on the book and picks of my final designed placemats.  

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