Purposeful journaling: How I got started

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Life happens so quickly and I find myself wanting to keep track of what was going on around me. The good and the bad. 

I started journaling with real purpose just a few months ago. 

Does it help me in some way? Do I feel better about it? Let me explain. 

I have always journaled but never like this. See I ran across a course on writing for a year with purpose.  I read up on it and what it is is a chance to reflect on your life’s journey and tap into your purpose.  Each week I get a list of questions to answer. The questions have been based around things like loss, your work history, your journey in finding friends, and the list goes on.  Each set of questions really gets you thinking. It’s a great way to reflect and to tell your story so you can share with others. (if you want to) I have been reminded of things I have stored away in my mind.  Some bad but most good and it’s been good to bring those memories back.

I see how I’ve grown in my experiences and how I can share and help others. It has also shown me the importance of reflecting on ones actions and knowing that the choices we make in life shape us to be the person we are today.

I currently have a couple of different journals I write in. I have my personal life journal that I just mentioned but then there is my exercise journal, daily calendar, brain dumping journal, and I can’t forget my crafting journal. Logging all my latest knit, crochet or punch needle projects is a must have. 

Ok, maybe I have gone overboard with the journals. LOL Or maybe it has become an addiction.

One journal just doesn’t allow me to say it all. And if I want to look back on my exercise habits for the year I have it in one place versus searching through pages of an “all included” journal.  I hope that makes sense.

Don’t get me started on what books I like to use for journaling. That could be a post in itself.  Though I will share that I use many different kinds. Each serving its purpose. I do have favorites like the Dutch and Deckle and plain dot journals.  I’ll share more below on those.  

I also have created my own by getting the blank dot journals and designing the layout. I recently learned I can do this in Canva and print them.  Hmm, I should have realized that sooner. Next time. 

How has this helped me?

By putting thoughts on paper I feel like I’m processing my actions better, clearing my mind to focus better, allowing myself to feel things that I may not have slowed down long enough to do so before.  I get things off my mind before making foolish decisions or making a big mistake.  

A big plus I’ve noticed is I sleep so much better when my mind has been cleared. Just brain dumping my thoughts allows me later to go back and really sort them to take action.

I think I have really accomplished more by committing to just a few minutes a day to journal.  I feel so much more productive. I have reached so many more goals that I set out for myself.  

So it has helped me out in a big way. I just feel better.  I don’t feel like I’m carrying around extra baggage, aka stress. 

I would love to know if you journal and how it has helped you.  If you have resources that have helped please share those as well.  Comment below I’d love to hear from you.

Regarding my journal books: 

Dutchanddeckly.com. Really nice journals but a bit pricey.

Dot journals (affiliate link) click here.  

The journal for a year with purpose is with DailyOM.com 

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