Pumpkin Making Made Easy

Oh, how I love to make pumpkins. This time of year I enjoy gearing up to teach a class on pumpkin making. I love seeing student create their first pumpkin and how they choose to decorate it. Without fail, so many make more than one. It’s addictive and I know can’t make just one.

This year was a bit different. I’m not holding a class like I normally do and I have had to learn how to pivot my teaching.

What I have learned is that many are home wanting to learning something new or want to take on a new challenge. But things are not that easy.

I wanted to create a kit that had everything you would need to create your first pumpkin. I wanted something for the knitter and the crocheter. It had to be a one stop shop experience. No need to run around and having to buy more then what you needed. Many try going to the shop and can’t find what they need or really not sure what all is needed.

My kits solves all of this by including the tool (crochet hook or knitting needles), the yarn, the poly fil, the embellishment, tapestry needle, a pattern and a video to walk you through it.  All skill levels will enjoy creating this project. 

The video in the kit walks you through every step in creating this project. I start at the beginning with showing you how to work the stitches then build your pumpkin. This is a fun kit for the first timer or the advanced student can work.

If you think this is for you, my kits are in my shop ready for you. You will be knitting or crocheting in no time. I’ll be surprised if you don’t find yourself wanting to make more.

Please tag me in a post so I can see what you did. You can use the #JPaveyDesigns, on Instagram @JPaveyDesigns or simply send me a picture.

Happy Pumpkin Making. 

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