How does one keep going?

I’ve been asking myself this question daily over the past several months. You see I’ve had this business for about 14 years now. Wow! So strange to say 14 years. I could say time has flown by but it truly hasn’t. When I sit and really think about it, it’s all been a learning experience.

I’ve been designing and teaching all this time because of a friend’s simple request. See, years ago a girlfriend came to me to ask if I’d teach a crochet class at a local recreation center. I laughed at first, but she told me I had talent and why not share it. Hmm, good play on her part. I still was not convinced I was a teacher. I have no problem learning, in fact, I continue to learn something new each year. I’m always looking for a challenge.

Now teaching was going to be a real challenge I thought and then realized I had nothing to lose, not really. If I taught the class and it didn’t go well, at least I tried. Either way I would keep crocheting. So I dove in and to my totally surprise, people liked the class and I was asked to come back. WOW!! Ok!

The thing is, how does one keep pursuing what they love and make money?I wish I could say I’ve got it all figured out, but that would be a lie. I keep trying like every one else. 

I’ve always just tested the waters and hope to find what works.  All I do know is creating is something that makes me happy. What I do know is the importance of community (your customer), finding peers, and having that friend that’s got your back.

Crochet Students

Finding your community.

Yes, people. Seems simple enough. Truth be told we can’t do anything without others. I will say that I built my community, not on family and friends, but on students and customers. They were the ones really supporting me and giving me the encouragement that keeps me going.

You always here that you should start your business by turning to those closest to you, that know you, that have been there, like family and friends. Well, I didn’t get support there.

I found that working and sharing with my students I received the support and encouragement I needed. It was that simple. You give yourself and be honest with those you serve.

Small Business Peers

Find your peers.

Find those that do what you do. Now they don’t have to also crochet and designs but those that are seeking out their own dreams. So I did just that.

I went searching for a group of other small business owners but oddly the groups I found just didn’t work. Not sure why, they were wonderful people. It just didn’t feel right. I did the next best things and created by own group of small businesses and artisans. I had been teaching with other painters, writers, and sewers, so why not. I reached out to women in my own neighborhood that worked from home. I asked them if they had friends that did the same. Next thing I knew I had a great group of peers.

The group grew over the years and I found some amazing friends that I stay in contact with today. See today is a bit difference since we can’t hold our monthly luncheons and everyone got pretty busy dealing with their own challenges in 2020. The great thing is we still reach out to one and continue to learn and support each other. It’s been great. Oh, for the days we can meet up again.

Then comes the mentor.

A mentor is that person you can connect with and ask questions of. A person that has walked the path before you. You hear this a lot, “get a mentor”. It’s true. Now you may not find one right away, it can take time. In my case if took a few years before I found someone I felt comfortable enough to trust in what they told me and actually take their advise. So find the right one. You may have to go through a few folks to find them but they are there. They may even be right next door to you.

My Husband

Have a friend

This is my key for me and why I’ve been in business this long. As small as my business is you still need that one person that is your rock. The one they will listen to you and talk straight. No sugar coating anything, you need truth. My friend, my husband, the best friend a girl could have.

He still encouraging me to do what I love and dream of doing. WOW!! I know I’m blessed here. I let him know I appreciate him. Hence, writing about him. LOL He will get a kick out of it.

Seriously, having that one person in your corner makes all the difference in the world. The biggest part of having that friend, is asking for help when you needed. Can’t be shy. There is no time for that.

Wow, writing all of this has given me time to reflect and appreciate so much. So many people to thank.

When you start to doubt yourself or let what is happening in the world effect you to deeply, turn around and see who had your back. Those people will be there.

Though times can get tough you have to remember the people around you. Lean on them, trust them and be there for them.

With this new found perspective, I feel like I can keep moving forward. Yes, this may mean trying new things to keep business going or simply keep what works on build on it. I have a number of new things I will be sharing in the weeks ahead. Taking chances. That’s what it all about.

If this hit a nerve with you, let me know. Maybe we all just need a very simple reminder at times.

Thanks for reading.

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